Freelance Sales Blueprint course

The ultimate course to help you build your dream life with freelancing

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Our awesome features

Build your dream life with freelancing

This course gives you the support, community, and coaching to succeed

Frameworks + Scripts

Figure out precisely what you need to do to succeed and reach your goals

Resources + Guides

Outsource accountability to make sure you get things done

Activities + Action Steps

Borrow from someone (me!) who has already built systems so you don't have to make them from scratch

Community + Coaching

Freelancing can be a lonely, solo journey. But it doesn't have to be. Coaching is like having a work bestie to bounce ideas with

Who the course is for

Freelance Sales Blueprint is built by and for B2B services freelancers (think: writers, designers, consultants, and any freelancer that works with businesses)

Lifestyle Design Freelancers

Digital nomads, four-hour-work-week-ers, and family-havers are welcome. This course teaches you how to build your dream life

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Growth-Minded Freelancers

Scripts, frameworks, and coaching to help you close more clients, at higher rates, with more confidence

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Optimization-Oriented Freelancers

This course teaches you the systems you need to save HOURS per week of administrative and client nonsense

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What You'll Learn

Freelance Sales Blueprint is a 6-week course, but the community lasts a lifetime

Week 1: Success Mindset

It's all about mindset: sales psychology, increasing your rates, and the only three things you need to remember to build a thriving freelance business.

Week 2: Setting up for Success

I'll show you the technologies you need to set up, how to research a potential client, and then we're going to do the Wave (no, not that kind of wave).

Week 3: Leading Calls like a Boss

The goal of this week is simple: we're going to learn how to scope a $10,000 freelance contract in 25 minutes or less - and have your potential client get excited for a proposal.

Week 4: Closing and Proposals

This week is about making sure you close the deal and leave your new clients excited to start working with you ASAP. We'll also cover red flags and overcoming objections.

Week 5: Contracts + Turning Down Work

We'll cover getting a contract in place to protect you (with templates!) and talk about the times it makes sense to turn down work (with examples of how to do it).

Week 6: Filling your Funnel

Get new customers beating down your door to hire you with 15+ different strategies (NONE of which require paid ads).

What freelancers have to say about the course

Course FAQ

Here are the most common questions people ask about Freelance Sales Blueprint Have more? Submit your application and let's talk through your questions on our strategy session call

This course will help you take your business to YOUR next level. Is that more money? More control? More free time? The course can help you.

Totally fair! I'll say two things: One, take a look at what other freelancers are saying about the course. People are tripling their monthly earnings without burnout. People are earning 5x the course cost... before the course is even over. There's also a money back guarantee. If you take the course, do the lessons, show up, try your best, and is *still* isn't working for you, I'll give you a full refund.

Short answer: Maybe. This course is built for freelancers who already know what they are doing as a freelancer (writer, designer, coder, etc.). If you know that, then the course will still be valuable. If you don't, then it may not deliver the value you need. Like any coaching or course, there's an investment required. So if you haven't made any money from freelancing yet, you'll need to pull from your job income or personal savings. (PS - in most cases, it's still a tax deduction if you take this course to start freelancing)

Both! There are DIY elements including video lessons and activities. Then you'll get live coaching available each week if you have questions or need additional support.

Yes! In three ways: 1) Live coaching calls every week. 2) The course Slack community to get support from other students and me as your instructor. 3) Each course activity includes instructions on how to personalize the lesson for your business.

Honestly, probably not. The frameworks, insights, and lessons in this course were created by me to run my own 6-figure freelance business. You might find out some information through other coaches or even free on google, but it could take years. This course gets you there in just a few weeks.

About 5 hours per week - 1-3 hours of course content per week for 6 weeks during the course - 1 hour per week of live coaching (lifetime access)

Yes! Freelancers from all over the world are in the community. And it's not just a generic massive online group - this is a curated group of freelancers who are serious about their work and their lives, each making plenty of money and building their dream life as freelance entrepreneurs.

Yes! If you take the course, show up, do all the lessons, try your best, and is *still* isn't working for you, I'll give you a full refund.

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I want to make sure the course will work for you before you spend a dime on it. That's why it's application-only. After you submit your application, we'll book a call to talk through the course and see if it's a fit.