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Common Freelancer Questions

Yes and no. What you really need is to "own your name online" so when people look for you, they can find you. Most of the time, this is accomplished with a basic personal website or active social media profiles. It's also a best practice to own your own domain name (for example: StefanPalios.com). You can redirect it to your LinkedIn if you don't have a personal website yet.

You can accept with small business accounting platforms like Wave, Xero, Quickbooks, or Freshbooks. You can also send payment links via Stripe or PayPal.

Yes! A contract is not just about legal protection, but it also clearly spells out what you will be doing for your client as a freelancer. This aids with scope creep and clarity on both sides.

Generally speaking, you should always charge for *outcomes*, not hourly. When you charge by the hour, you pit yourself against your client. They want you to work quickly to pay less. You want to work slowly to earn more. Neither focuses you on what matters: delivering a great outcome. Outcome pricing also enables you to optimize your time and earn more profit, not less.

I love that you're asking questions. If you've got a specific use case that isn't answered by my free products here on this page, you might benefit from freelancer coaching or the Freelance Sales Blueprint course. Both offerings are built to give you custom, personalized, 1:1 support that you won't find in a general FAQ document.

Need a little more support?

I get it. Sometimes the free stuff doesn't quite answer the question. If you need more support, you might benefit from joining my course or starting 1:1 coaching with me.

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