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I'm a writer who turned my bad employment experiences into a thriving full-time freelance business. I now teach freelancers how to build their businesses and make more money through ebooks, articles, coaching, and course.

My Story

In school, I was taught to think. To learn. To memorize. No one taught me how to build anything, let alone a business. I was told that if I was good at thinking about, managing, and controlling resources, I could become wealthy. As an adult, I thought all I needed to start a business was some gusto and a nice university degree backing me. I couldn't have been more wrong. My first business failed miserably, taking with it a lot of my life savings. That failure taught me a harsh reality: builders make fortunes and change the world while managers make salaries and log vacation days. I knew I wanted to be a builder, but I had no idea how. I thought the only "builders" in business were coders, and everyone else was doomed to fail. Again, how wrong I was. Things changed for me after I learned four things: 1. The future of work is about building. 2. Building is about creating useful things, whether a process, product, or line of code. 3. Anyone can build, regardless of the title you have (or don't). 4. Building focused on extraction is not sustainable. It must be additive and create value. That's when I started to build. I co-founded a nonprofit. I published a book. I built a newsletter. I established a charitable foundation. And I launched a freelance business, helping startups, VCs, and governments with content, whether launching media platforms, strategy & coaching, or ghost-writing for executives in multiple countries. Since starting my business in 2017, I've learned just how powerful business can be as a force of change. And I don't mean big business. I mean the solopreneurs, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs building new empires for themselves. Different from the empires of the previous generation though, the future of our economy is based on creating anywhere, building things yourself, and feeding the world as well as your wallet.

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